A total cure for Vaginismus

The Thrive Programme
for Vaginismus


This programme is a complete psychological, emotional and physical solution to permanently resolving your vaginimus. The Thrive Programme is a unique, highly effective and life changing training programme that helps you to understand and change the beliefs and thinking that cause your vaginismus.  The six weekly sessions one-to-one sessions will provide you with everything you need to about about how to feel back in control of your thinking and your body in order to achieve successful penetration.

Many women with vaginismus have already tried various treatment options – whether it’s pelvic floor exercises, using vaginal trainers/dilators, botox – to little or no avail. Most interventions offer a purely physical solution to the problem. They do not help women to understand or overcome the vital psychological or emotional aspects that cause and maintain the conditon.

The good news is that with effective, targeted help, vaginismus CAN be cured. Vaginismus is the result of a set of simple yet fundamental issues in your thinking and beliefs about yourself and your body. There is nothing deep-rooted about or difficult to change…even though you may feel that there is!

Some of the essential personal insights you will gain from the programme:

•  How you create vaginismus and other and anxieties – and how to free yourself of them.
•  What is REALLY causing your vaginismus (it’s probably not what you’ve always believed).
•  How to feel back in control of your mind and your body.
•  Feel much more motivated and confident with penetration exercises.
•  The unhelpful cycle of behaviour that causes vaginismus – and how to change it.
•  Why vaginismus sufferers tend to be overthinkers, worriers and perfectionists.
•  How to make a successful transition from using dilators to enjoying sex.
•  How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks, and the huge knock-on effect this will have upon you.
•  How to feel much more confident around others – including your partner, or potential partners.