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Inspiring Client Video Reviews

Below are video testimonials by some amazing women sharing their stories of vaginismus and how they overcame it with The Vaginismus-Free Programme (formerly 'Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive Programme')

(Some videos have been pixelated to preserve anonymity)


Woman to women: Hear other women's vaginismus stories

 A selection of women who completely resolved their vaginismus in just 6-8 weeks with the Vaginismus-Free Programme


Vanessa: "The Vaginismus-Free Programme has been absolutely life changing for me"

Vanessa had been with her partner for 10 years and had a real sense of guilt for not being able to have sex. After completing the programme, she is now able to do that and has a great sense of power and control over her body.


Mitalee: "I don't feel pain any more and I'm seeing life in a very positive way

After struggling with vaginismus for 10 years, which contributed to her divorce, Mitalee is now able to enjoy pain-free sex with her partner and is feeling much happier and positive about her life.


Nicola: "I never expected to get the results so quickly. I feel the world is my oyster"

Nicola had suffered from vaginismus for several years and had tried to overcome it with counselling, physiotherapy, sensate focus, dilators, etc. After just 5 or 6 weeks, she was able to have sex for the first time without any pain.


Nadia: "It's a condition that is 100% curable"

Nadia overcame vaginismus in just 6 weeks. Despite being initially skeptical, she says "to everybody who is thinking about joining the Vaginismus-Free Programme just go for it because it will change your life”



Nikki: "I absolutely recommend you do this. It's probably the best decision I've ever made"

Nikki has struggled with vaginismus for four years, until she overcame it with the Vaginismus-Free Programme: She felt better even after the first session and is now about to have pain-free, enjoyable sex with her partner.


Leena: "I can confidently say I did overcome vaginismus. It's made me such a happier person and literally changed my life"

Leena had vaginismus for over 4 years and was desperate for a solution. She had tried physiotherapy, group sessions and counselling to no avail, and despite being initially skeptical, she overcame vaginismus in 6-7 weeks and has fulfilled her dream of being a mum!


Louise: "I couldn't believe how quickly, not just the vaginismus, but my whole life was changing. I'm a much happier, confident and positive person"

Lou felt better about the vaginismus, even after her first session. She experienced positive penetration attempts after just a few weeks. Currently single, she is now able to feel excited about meeting someone, as vaginismus is no longer a factor


Louise shares her experiences of having vaginismus and the Vaginismus-Free Programme

Louise talks openly about the isolation she felt having vaginismus that so many women will be able to relate to. She had seen numerous doctors and had a variety of interventions before finding her cure with the Vaginismus-Free Programme


Daisy: "The change has been astronomical"

Daisy had suffered from vaginismus since the birth of her twins the previous year. She overcame vaginismus in 6 weeks with the Vaginismus-Free Programme.


Juliana: "I love this programme and think that everyone should do it"

Juliana struggled with the guilt, shame and anxiety that vaginismus often causes. She noticed a huge difference in how she felt about herself in just 2-3 weeks and says the programme helped her tremendously to get back together physically with her husband.

Written Reviews from Vaginismus-Free Programme clients

vaginismus video testimonials

"My vaginismus is cured. This is a sentence I didn't think I would ever be able to say. I must have seen 20 experts and been to 8 different sexual health clinics, counsellors offices and hospitals. During this time I had an unnecessary examination under general anaesthesia, hours of unneeded counselling and multiple gynaecology examinations."


vaginismus and pregnancy

"  wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on New Years day! I’m over the moon and cannot thank you enough for all your help. I managed to deliver vaginally and only with gas and air so I’m beyond happy and so proud of how far I’ve come. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I sound like a broken record but I am forever grateful."


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