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About me

Vaginismus Therapist Cara Mason BSc

Hello there! I'm Cara and I'm a Vaginismus therapist and Thrive Programme Coach. If we work together, I'll get to know quite a lot about you, so here's a little bit of information about me...

I have worked as a psychotherapist since 2000, treating thousands of people over the years. I specialise in helping women to overcome vaginismus so although you may feel embarrassed about seeking help for this personal issue, please be reassured that I spend much of my week talking with women about their vaginas!

I am the co-author of the ‘Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive’ Programme and Manual. This is the product of my many years in clinical practice helping women with the numerous questions, concerns, frustrations and obstacles that they encounter with vaginismus.

I have a degree in Psychology, and over the years, I have studied, practiced and been a participant of many different types of therapy including hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, EFT, counselling, psychotherapy, pure hypnoanalysis and brief solution focused therapy. I’ve been around the therapy block a bit!

The Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive Programme® is the ONLY intervention I use to treat vaginismus simply because it is so successful. I have been passionate about The Thrive Programme ever since it was first created, and am proud to have been awarded the Thrive Programme Coach of the Year award in 2013.

Sara, 24

"Cara is funny, warm, endlessly patient, completely non-judgemental and is an absolute pleasure to spend time with"



"Cara was so supportive and knowledgeable and really encouraging and for the first time I really felt that I was speaking with someone that knew what vaginismus was" 

Cara’s Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

Bsc (Hons) Psychology degree from UEL

Licensed Thrive Programme Coach (

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Pure Hypnoanalysis from the IAEBP

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis from the Hypnotherapy Control Board

Diploma in Brief Solution Focused Therapy from Uncommon Knowledge

Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy from The American Association of Medical Hypnotherapists

Carolyn, 55

"I found myself in front of the most amazing lady that allowed me to talk to someone in a way I had never talked to anyone before"

vaginismus therapist

Bits and pieces...

I'm married and live in Buckinghamshire in the UK.

To counteract my love of food, I like to play tennis and manage to drag myself to aerobics classes a couple of times a week.

I have a kiln and I enjoy making things out of glass, such as jewellery and coasters.

I love animals and one of my favourite holidays was travelling around Costa Rica - I even got to cuddle a baby sloth!

What's it like working with me? From past client Jess...

"Cara is extremely perceptive in her way of working. She noticed things about me (both physically and emotionally) that helped further my understanding of myself immensely. She was far from just a trained consultant who read off a script following the outline of the book. She brought extra to the sessions that proved very helpful.

Cara is a helpful mix of firm but kind. She brought a “human explanation” to some aspects of the book. I was able to be honest when I truly wasn’t quite understanding something first time round. I have always been a deep thinker and can overcomplicate things sometimes (!!) but Cara was able to answer all my questions and keep me on the right path of understanding.

Cara also brought a healthy dollop of honesty to the programme which helped it feel less about a professional teaching a client. Instead, it was one genuine knowledgeable woman passing on information to another. The fact our sense of humour is cut from the same cloth kept the sessions fun and has given me some extra personal coping mechanisms that I shall never forget."

vaginismus therapist