vaginismus and pregnancy

Vaginismus and Pregnancy - you CAN overcome vaginismus and have a natural birth

Vaginismus and Pregnancy - there is hope and help for all women with vaginismus. Pregnancy is a remarkable journey that brings joy, anticipation, and transformation for many women. However, for those dealing with vaginismus, the prospect of pregnancy can evoke feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear.

It is often beyond the wildest dreams of most women with vaginismus that they'll, firstly, overcome the condition, and secondly, be able to have a family of their own.

This post will explore vaginismus and its impact on pregnancy, while offering guidance and hope for women navigating this unique journey. I have interspered the content with inspiring reviews and videos from past clients who became pregnant after completing the Vaginismus Thrive Programme.


Annabel - Pregnant after 3 months of completing programme

"I have some news... we are having a baby - we had the 12-week scan yesterday and all is going well. This is a dream come true - it happened sooner than we expected! - and something I have always wanted. It really wouldn't have happened without you and we are so grateful for the work you did with me. I am over the moon. THANK YOU!"

Vaginismus and pregnancy - the 3 main challenges...

When it comes to pregnancy, vaginismus can present several challenges, both physical and emotional. Let's explore some common concerns faced by women with vaginismus.

1. Fertility Issues

If you are a women with vaginismus who would like to become pregnant, the physical difficulties associated with penetration can make achieving pregnancy very challenging. The severity of vaginismus can vary considerably. Some women are able to have sex, albeit painfully, whilst the other extreme being women who are unable to insert anything at all inside them. With the latter comes the common experience of 'hitting the wall', when entry is frustratingly impossible.

Added to this, there is often the additional element of the expectations of other people, plus cultural pressures. Many of my clients are from an Asian culture and comment upon the huge amount of pressure they feel from family members to start a family. It can be a real source of dread attending family get-togethers where they anticipate a grilling from curious (/nosy!) family members and feel horribly on the spot and inadequate as they make their excuses as to why there's no little ones on the scene yet.

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Leena became pregnant two months after recording this video!

2. Antenatal Examinations

It's entirely possible to have vaginismus and become pregnant. The most determined of sperm can find a way to complete their mission! I've worked with a number of women who were able to conceive after having 'splash pregnancies'. This refers to a phenomenon where no actual penetration has occurred, but ejaculation around the outside of the vagina propels the sperm up the vaginal canal.

For these women, despite having a successful vaginal birth, vaginismus is maintained afterwards.

Regular antenatal check-ups, including pelvic examinations and cervical screenings, are essential during pregnancy. However, the fear and pain associated with penetration can cause distress and anxiety for women with vaginismus. A healthcare provider can provide alternative approaches, use smaller instruments, or even recommend sedation if necessary.

Vaginismus is unlikely to impede the physical vaginal delivery process (that baby IS coming out one way or another!). Rather than enduring this stress, the ultimate solution is to overcome the vaginismus before or early in the pregnancy so that sex and and pelvic examinations are possible without distress, pain or difficulty.

treatment vaginismus

Helen - email update after completing programme

"I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did as I am now pregnant! For 10 years I didn’t think that would ever be a possibility.

I found out on Xmas eve that we are expecting and had our 12 week scan yesterday. I just had to tell you and say thank you."


A favourite part of my job happens when I receive texts and emails out of the blue from past vaginismus clients telling me that they are pregnant!

This text is from Tina, 29, who had struggled with vaginismus for three years prior to The Thrive Programme. She was pregnant just a month after completion!

3. Intimacy and Sexual Relations

Pregnancy and childbirth often brings changes to a woman's body, and maintaining intimacy with a partner can be challenging for women with vaginismus.

After giving birth, sex may be uncomfortable or painful due to normal vaginal bruising or procedures such as episiotomies (a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth). These experiences can exaccerbate pre-existing vaginismus, or create secondary vaginismus (where sex was previously unproblematic).

Communication, trust, and patience become paramount. Women may also experience a loss of confidence in their appearance after giving birth, further impacting upon how relaxed and comfortable they feel in the bedroom. This anxiety or self-consciousness can also add to the anxiety that drives vaginismus.

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Daisy developed vaginismus after the birth of her twins. She overcome it in just 6 weeks of the programme

vaginismus and pregnancy

Pritti - email update after completing programme

""Hi Cara, I was so caught up with things that I didn’t get a chance to tell you that (my husband) & I are blessed with a baby boy this year in February. He is all of four months now and we are forever grateful and thankful, special thanks once again to you for encouraging me and building confidence. Forever thankful."

The ultimate guide to overcoming vaginismus

If vaginismus is standing in the way of you becoming pregnant, or if you are pregnant and have concerns about childbirth, The Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive Programme is the ultimate solution to vaginismus.

It is a step-by-step, easy to follow programme that will give you all the knowledge and insights that you need in order to overcome vaginismus and experience a normal, natural pregnancy and birth.

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