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Are you struggling with sexual anxiety or pain? This website is devoted to helping you gain more understanding of vaginismus and how it can be successfully treated with the Vaginismus-Free programme (formerly known as The Thrive Programme). I've been helping women to overcome vaginismus for nearly 25 years, so I hope I can reassure you that regardless of how severe your symptoms are, or how long you've suffered with it, this vaginismus treatment programme can help you.

Vaginismus-Free is a life-changing Programme that gets right to the heart of the psychological AND physical responses that cause Vaginismus. You will learn how to feel relaxed and in control of how your body responds, making pain-free penetration truly possible in just 6-8 weeks.

The beauty of this programme is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world. Get in touch today to take the first step to changing your life for the better!

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Doctor Fiona

vaginismus treatment

I am a medical doctor and thought I knew everything about vaginismus. The Vaginismus-Free Programme has gone way beyond curing my vaginismus and I will be eternally grateful"

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vaginismus treatment

Cara Mason BSc (psych) | Vaginismus Coach

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• Completely private and confidential
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How this programme can help YOU overcome Vaginismus

An easy-to-follow guide to successful, pain-free sex in just 6-8 weeks

Feel in control of your body - removing the 'wall' preventing penetration

Complete the programme independently or in 1-2-1 coaching sessions

Unique & revolutionary – completely different to ALL other vaginismus treatments

Reliable and predictable: the programme is based on clinical experience and scientific research


How severe is YOUR vaginismus?

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Your results will tell you how much vaginismus impacts upon your life, and your beliefs that drive it.

vaginismus treatment
vaginismus treatment

Sophia, 25

We finally had sex! No pain and I’m actually enjoying it. I never ever in a million years thought this could happen I’m absolutely over the moon.

We’re planning for a baby now and I’m just overjoyed beyond belief. You truly changed my life. I’m even crying whilst I type this but from the bottom of my heart thank you. I never realised how much power my mind has but I feel so powerful and in control of my life now.”

Hear from women who overcame their Vaginismus...


"The Vaginismus-Free Programme has been absolutely life changing"


"I don't feel pain anymore and I'm seeing life in a very postive way"


"I never expected to get the results so quickly...the world is my oyster"

A truly successful and reliable Vaginismus Treatment

Cara helps women all over the world to cure their Vaginismus via Zoom sessions. Watch this video to find out why this amazing programme is so effective treating it.