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Videos about Vaginismus

Below are a selection of vaginismus videos from Cara Mason about all things vaginismus!


What is vaginismus?

Cara answers these questions:

  1. what is vaginismus 
  2. How do I know If I have vaginismus
  3. What are the symptoms of vaginismus
  4. What does it feel like to have vaginismus, both physically and emotionally 
  5. Can vaginismus be compared to other physical symptoms

What REALLY causes Vaginismus

If you have vaginismus, I'm sure you're all too aware of the very physical signs of the condition: Difficulties with penetration, pain, vaginal tightness, a 'wall' preventing entry, etc.

However, these are very much the 'end result' symptoms of having vaginismus - the SYMPTOMS rather than the CAUSE. This video describes the important factors that cause the vagina to tighten: The psychological factors that often go overlooked because they are not visible, tangible things.


Do this ONE easy thing to help your penetration success!

So many women with vaginismus can have really successful penetration experiences but they just don’t give themselves the credit. They’ll disregard it by saying it was just a luck, or a fluke. This video is all about owning those successes so that you can feel good about them and build upon them


Insights into what happens BEFORE your muscles tense

It can be easy to think that when vaginismus occurs, it’s a just a two -step process:
1. You try to insert a tampon, dilator or have sex.
2. Your vaginal muscles tighten, you hit that ‘wall’ and sex becomes painful/impossible.

In this video, Cara describes what is really going on before the tensing occurs, in terms of the thoughts, you have, but ultimately the BELIEFS that drive the thoughts that cause the physical response.



Challenging Myths about Vaginismus

Cara challenges two unhelpful, yet common myths about vaginismus:

1. Your vagina is NOT spasming, it's simply tensing

2. You do NOT have a physical injury. Your vagina is not broken!


Louise's cure for Vaginismus: The Thrive Programme

In this incredibly open and honest video, Louise talks about her struggles with vaginismus: - what it was like to have the condition - how different she felt from her friends - past treatments that didn't cure her Finally finding her vaginismus solution with the "Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive" Programme:

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