vaginismus therapy

Personal 1-2-1 Vaginismus therapy sessions with Cara

In friendly, informal 1-2-1 sessions, you will have my full support and guidance throughout your Vaginismus Programme journey.

My job as your coach is to guide and support you through every step of the programme, helping to keep you on track, setting you personal goals and motivating you. I'll be there to share your success and help you over any obstacles!

Sessions are conducted online so you can overcome vaginismus wherever you are in the world!

vaginismus therapy client

Kay, 22 - Previous client

"Cara is a wonderful women, so understanding and makes you feel so comfortable. I will truly miss our sessions, I was sad to have my last session with her. This just goes to show how amazing she is, how great and helpful my sessions were with her!!!"


Cara describes the Cure your Vaginismus and Thrive Programme and why it's so effective

  • EVERYONE can achieve success, regardless of how severe your vaginismus is, or how long you've had it for
  • Cure your Vaginismus in 6-8 weeks
  • A step-by-step, easy to follow training programme
  • Practical, essential (and sensible!) advice on how to take control of your body and how it responds
  • Unique and revolutionary - completely different to ALL other vaginismus cures
  • ALL the elements of the condition are addressed: the psychological, emotional, physical and relationship factors

What's included in the Vaginismus Therapy Programme with Cara...

vaginismus therapy

8 personal sessions tailored for you

Plus all the support you need throughout the programme and afterwards

vaginismus therapy

Physical AND online manuals

The ground-breaking 'Cure your vaginismus and Thrive' by Rob Kelly and Cara Mason

vaginismus therapy

A 19-page report all about YOU!

Gain essential self insight and measure your progress throughout the programme

vaginismus therapy

23+ support videos

Fascinating and educational to enhance your knowledge and understanding

Some kind words from past clients...

vaginismus therapy


“The Thrive Programme has changed my life.

Cara, I can’t thank you enough!! I used to think overcoming vaginismus was impossible however with the help of Cara and The Thrive Programme vaginismus is starting to seem like a distant memory. After being scared of inserting a cotton bud I can now say that I’m finally having sex!

Cara helps you through the programme in a supportive and encouraging way, she is very motivating and patient whilst giving you little pushes when needed. Without Cara I honestly don’t know where I would be".



“I am a medical doctor and thought I knew everything about vaginismus. Within 20 minutes of starting the Thrive Programme I learnt vaginismus is really a psychological issue.

I am now having, dare I say it, good sex! Not just penetration. The impact the Thrive Programme has gone way beyond curing my vaginismus and I will be eternally grateful. It is incredible work you do and I am so glad I did this.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The benefits of 1-2-1 sessions with Cara...

  • I can support and motivate you
    It's really important to me that every women I work with succeeds with this programme. I'll help to keep you motivated and you'll have the confidence of knowing you have my support throughout the programme.
  • You can share your successes with me!
    The journey to overcoming vaginismus on your own can be a solitary one - especially if you are single or don't have a supportive partner. My clients are often as excited about sharing their achievements with me as I am hearing about them - it's the best part of my job.
  • Enjoyable, engaging sessions
    My job is to teach, coach and guide you through the programme. My clients enjoy the interaction during our sessions because as well as being educational, sessions can be fun too and there are often laughs along the way.
  • I can pace your progress
    I tailor the Programme to suit your own particular needs. I also help you pace your progression with physical/penetration exercises.
  • I can bring the Programme to life
    Working together, we'll get to know eachother. The insight I get into your life means that I can help you apply the concepts from the programme to your own experiences, making it much more relatable.
  • I can answer any questions you might have
    I have been helping women to overcome vaginismus for over 20 years now so you won't have a question that I can't answer.
  • I can steer you in the right direction if you go off-track.
    There will be challenges for every woman who goes through the programme, and in fact, we grow more from being challenged than from when life runs smoothly. However, with my help they should seem like molehills rather than mountains!
  • Accountability
    Having regular sessions will encourage you to be more accountable for your effort and actions during the week.
  • I was awarded Thrive Programme Coach of the year
    The amazing Thrive Programme has helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of people worldwide to overcome their symptoms, and I'm proud to have been a coach right from the very start.


A client of mine, Jess, offered the following words when asked what she found were the benefits of working with me:

"Cara is extremely perceptive in her way of working. She noticed things about me (both physically and emotionally) that helped further my understanding of myself immensely. She was far from just a trained consultant who read off a script following the outline of the book. She brought extra to the sessions that proved very helpful.

Cara is a helpful mix of firm but kind. She brought a “human explanation” to some aspects of the book. I was able to be honest when I truly wasn’t quite understanding something first time round. I have always been a deep thinker and can overcomplicate things sometimes (!!) but Cara was able to answer all my questions and keep me on the right path of understanding.

Cara also brought a healthy dollop of honesty to the programme which helped it feel less about a professional teaching a client. Instead, it was one genuine knowledgeable woman passing on information to another. The fact our sense of humour is cut from the same cloth kept the sessions fun and has given me some extra personal coping mechanisms that I shall never forget."

Some essential insights you will gain from this Vaginismus Therapy...

What is REALLY causing your vaginismus

How your relationship may be causing/affecting vaginismus (and how to resolve it)

How to make a successful transition from using dilators to enjoying sex.

Learn to relax your vaginal muscles and remove the 'wall' preventing penetration

Feel much more motivated and confident with penetration exercises

How you create vaginismus and other and anxieties – and how to free yourself of them.

How to feel back in control of your mind and your body.

Why vaginismus sufferers tend to be overthinkers, worriers and perfectionists

How to feel much more confident around others – including your partner, or potential partners