Vaginismus-Free Coaching ... Tailored to your Needs

Would you like to have full support and guidance through the Vaginismus-Free Programme? If so, Cara and Phillippa have helped hundreds of women to overcome vaginismus - they can help you too!

cara mason vaginismus coach

£530 x 3 monthly instalments
or a single payment of £1495.00

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£647 x 2 monthly instalments
or a single payment of £1295.00

The benefits you will receive...

FREE initial Zoom consultation

8 personal 1-2-1 sessions with your Vaginismus Coach

All the support you need throughout and afterwards

The Vaginismus-Free Manual (online & paperback) and Journal

Your personal 19-page report for essential self-insight and to measure your progress

24+ explainer videos to enhance your knowledge