Vaginismus? Have you tried a glass of wine?

vaginismus london

It can be quite a daunting experience for a woman with vaginismus to speak to her GP or medical professional about the condition, and it can unfortunately be all too common that the advice they are then given is to just relax and “have a glass of wine”.

This is the equivalent of telling a depressed person to “cheer up, it may never happen” or advising a person with anxiety not to worry!

Many vaginimus sufferers already feel embarrased and confused about the condition, and because this advice is SO simplistic, it only serves to reinforce their beliefs that they’re being silly and just need to pull themselves together.

The advice is well-meaning enough but does demonstrate the lack of knowledge that professionals have about the condition. Vaginismus can often go undiagnosed by doctors because of inadequate training and understanding of the condition. There still exists no official gynaecological system for diagnosing the condition.

If this has been your experience, you are certainly not alone, but please be reassured that vaginismus is an entirely treatable condition. You just need something a bit more effective than some Blossom Hill!