Meet my Vaginismus-Free Coaching Team!

We're all passionate about one thing... your success

Fiona Brown


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It's often the case that I unable to take on new clients if I'm busy developing the Vaginismus-Free Programme.

However, I'm delighted to work with two amazing Vaginismus coaches, Fiona and Philippa, that I can refer you to. Both specialise in treating vaginismus so you would be in excellent hands. Their many years of experience means that they can deliver the programme expertly and they are lovely, warm empathetic people that I'm sure you would feel comfortable with.

Fiona Brown

About Fiona

Vaginismus-Free Programme Coach

Starting with an honours degree and masters in psychology in 1997, I've been a full-time Coach for many years. I’m now 45 and can categorically say that there is nothing out there more effective than Thrive, no matter your starting point.

My job is to help guide and support you, and you'll find that overcoming vaginismus is more predictable than you might think, and entirely achievable. Having now coached hundreds of different people through the programme, I absolutely love seeing my clients realise they aren’t stuck, there is something they can do, the past doesn’t matter and to support them on their exciting journey forward.

Ellie, 29

"I cannot thank Fiona enough for her patience, care and knowledge in helping me to finally get over vaginismus. I felt let down by my GP and psycho-sexual therapist who I now know didn’t really understand the problem. Fiona was my shining star!

I looked forward to every session where I learned more and more about how my mind and my body interacted. It took effort on my part and there were a couple of times when I doubted myself, but it paid off in the end. I can now proudly say that I’m able to enjoy sex for the first time with my partner and I cannot recommend this course enough. Thank you"

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I love being creative. I'm especially mad about all things pottery!

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Otherwise it’s reading, exploring, trying new things, being with family & friends.

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I'm very active and I’ve bobsleighed with the GB Olympic Bobsleighing Team

More about Fiona....

Where are you based? I run Thrive London and have three locations across London: Kings Cross, Oxford Circus (Central London) & Battersea/Clapham Junction. I also offer lots of flexibility with breakfast, lunch and post work appointments, together with online via Skype and FaceTime.

Anything else? I’ve achieved two awards in Thrive, I’m very approachable, and many of my clients say that they’ve enjoyed their Thrive journey with me: "I found it interesting and eye opening. Fiona made me smile a lot. She is humorous and challenging but in a very good way."

Do you see clients online or face-to-face? Both!

What time-zone are you in? I am based in the UK so am in the GMT time zone (BST in summer months).

What are your working hours? I see my clients full time Tuesday to Friday, 9am til 6pm. I have a couple of early evening slots midweek for a small number of clients.

Some kind words about Fiona...


"When I met Fiona I was just so shocked; she's so lovely and understanding, and she's so knowledgeable too. If I don't understand something she can just reword it or use a really helpful example and I'll just completely understand."


"Fiona was a great listener and helped me get some things into perspective, something I’ve not been very good at in the past.

I'd recommend anyone struggling to cope just to call Fiona now."

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About Philippa

Vaginismus-Free Programme Coach

There is nothing else like The Vaginismus-Free Programme. It is so empowering and anyone can change their life with a little bit of effort – I can say this from personal experience! It is truly amazing to see the transformation in women who go from having vaginismus to having their first enjoyable sexual experience.

The Vaginismus-Free Programme not only teaches you skills that will improve your mental wellbeing, it goes beyond treating symptoms and has a positive impact on all parts of your life. You can go from battling vaginismus to loving your life and 'thriving' in a matter of weeks.

Some kind words about Philippa...


"Philippa is lovely and will guide you through what you need to do to gain control of your thoughts! She always reassured me that how I felt was valid which was very comforting to hear. 100% recommend."


"I thought vaginismus was something that I would be stuck with forever and would never feel 'normal'.

Philippa's guidance though the programme has been truly life-changing and i'm forever grateful"


"I loved my sessions with Philippa, she was always so understanding and explained things in a really good way, we also had lots of laughs throughout the programme making it fun to do! I always came away feeling motivated me to keep going"

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I write a well-being column each month for
Cheshire Living Magazine.

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I love playing cricket and am vice-captain
of my local women's team

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I do open-water swimming all year round, and have ditched the wetsuit this year.

More about Philippa....

Where are you based? I’m based in Cheshire, UK and work from an annexed office at my home, but doing sessions on Zoom/Skype is so effective that I see people from much further afield as well.

Anything else? I’ve lived in Paris and speak French, as well as some Italian.

What time zone are you in? UK/GMT (BST in the summer)

What hours do you work? I'm a full-time Coach and work flexible hours during the week to suit clients depending on where they are. I do a couple of evenings but these get quite booked up. I have the best availability during the day.