The Thrive Programme FAQs

The Thrive Programme at a glance

  • A seven-session, easy to follow training programme that equips you with all the insights, skills and resources you need in order to overcome vaginismus and Thrive in your life.
  • Unique and revolutionary – it is completely different to any other intervention available, including cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, psycho-sexual therapy, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.
  • One-to-one weekly sessions provide you with amazing personal insight, allowing you to totally change any limiting belief systems that are adversely affecting your life. You will discover what styles of thinking are causing you problems, such as overthinking, perfectionism and avoidance of situations where you feel out of control. Understand why you anticipate  worst case scenarios. You will learn what a huge part your imagination plays in both causing and resolving vaginismus.

How long is the programme?

The programme consists of six sessions, with an additional follow-up session.

What is the price of the Thrive for Vaginismus programme?

The programme is £1150. This includes:

  • Complementary initial consultation
  • Seven sessions (six sessions approx 75 minutes each, plus one follow-up)
  • Free access to our revolutionary online assessments which provide essential insight into your beliefs and thinking
  • Helpful and fascinating support videos throughout the programme to enhance your learning
  • Additional support in between sessions via email or phone
  • Follow-up support after completion

Books to accompany the programme can be purchased separately are as follows:

Who is suitable for The Thrive Programme?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve suffered with vaginismus for 50 years or 5 months, anybody who is capable of understanding and applying the programme can cure vaginismus.

What is the effort I need to put in?

Alongside our sessions you will be required to read the Thrive Programme workbook – a fascinating and interactive book where you discover all about YOU. There are also support videos to watch to help you on your journey. Ensure you apply your knowledge from our sessions and the book to your everyday life as much as possible.

Throughout the programme you will be given specific exercises/tasks to complete in between sessions. These will be tailored to apply to your own personal experience and degree of vaginismus. This is a very 'doing' programme where you get out of it exactly what you put into it. Put in a good amount of effort each week to apply what you are learning and you can overcome vaginismus and thrive in just six weeks.

It sounds too good to be true! Will it really cure my vaginismus?

The results from The Thrive Programme directly reflect the effort you put into the process. Ultimately, YOU are the only person who can change you. My job is to teach you everything you need to know about overcoming vaginismus and thriving. Your responsibility is to apply what you learn in between sessions. Anyone who applies the programme correctly WILL always hugely benefit from it and overcome vaginismus. Thrive will not work for people who are looking for a magical quick fix or for someone else to cure them.

How is Thrive Programme different to Psychosexual Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Unlike Psychosexual Therapy or CBT, Thrive doesn’t just focus upon giving you some isolated insights, tools and techniques to cope with or reduce your anxiety. These approaches are ‘fire-fighting’ – trying to control or reduce the anxiety AFTER we have created it by our thinking. Often people tire quickly of having to maintain this level of effort of fending of negative thoughts.

Likewise, the value of dilators is often limited because they only tackle vaginismus on a purely physical level. Unless their use is accompanied by helpful cognitive processes, their success is often limited.

The Thrive Programme gives you the unique insight to understand the component parts of your thinking and beliefs that are causing the vaginismus – rather than just trying to combat the end result of muscular clenching. The Programme will teach you how to create strong psychological foundations, and overcoming vaginsimus is just a part of that.

How is The Thrive Programme different to counselling?

Counselling can be beneficial by allowing a client to off-load or talk through a problem. This is particularly useful if that person is unable to talk to friends or family. However, the disadvantage of counselling can be that you may find yourself going over old ground, dredging up past hurts and negative experiences but with no resolution or change of perspective.

This can be particularly the case with counselling that is focussed on our childhoods. A recent client of mine had been told by her counsellor that her vaginismus was caused by the emotional response to her father dying when she was ten years old. This isn’t just disempowering….it’s just plain not true!

Very often, when we feel unhappy with ourselves or our lives in the here and now but feel powerless to make changes, we look back to their past in the hope of  resolving our current problems. However, just by being able to trace back in time to when a problem or anxiety first occurred, doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel empowered to overcome problems or change your life now.

With Thrive, the focus is upon your beliefs and thoughts TODAY, regardless of how they may have been created in the past. Which is great because we can’t change the past! With vaginismus specifically, Thrive focuses on your current unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about penetration that are creating the anxiety and tension NOW.

Free Initial Consultation

It is perfectly natural that you may have questions about The Thrive Programme. To arrange a free consultation or to book an appointment call 07740 781 573

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