The surprising similarities between vaginismus and other symptoms

If you are struggling with vaginismus, the condition can appear very complicated and deep-rooted - and very different from other symptoms and issues. However, the reality is that it shares much in common with other physical symptoms and manifestations of anxiety that people can suffer from.

If you are anything like every woman that I encounter with vaginsimus - the great news is that your vagina is physically normal and fully capable of penetration. However, there exists a set of unhelpful beliefs, thinking styles and physical responses that cause the vaginal tension that sabotages successful penetration.

Vaginismus shares much in common with a number of other physical symptoms. On the surface, they may appear very different from vaginismus, but dig a little deeper and the thinking and beliefs that create them are actually very similar.

Below are just a few examples of where our beliefs and mindset can interfere with and disrupt normal, natural physical responses...

Difficulties with swallowing tablets


This is something that our bodies are more than capable of doing naturally, after all, we often swallow food that is larger than a pill. However, for some people, their ‘catastrophic’ and fearful thinking that the pill will become stuck in their throat can cause them to swallow pills in an over-controlled and awkward manner.

Their fearful thoughts create actual tension and constriction, making the process difficult, if not impossible. There are some very clear overlaps with this example and difficulties with penetration!

Insomnia and sleeping difficulties

Our bodies require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate. As long as our thinking is well managed, we can enjoy a good night’s sleep. When our sleep is disrupted, it is usually the result of unhelpful thinking styles – with overthinking and worrying featuring high on the list.

Also, the sufferer’s belief and fear that they will have difficulty sleeping can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same applies to vaginismus, once a women has experienced pain and difficulty with penetration, it can be easy to expect and anticipate it happening again....and so the cycle continues.

Shy Bladder

This is a condition whereby the sufferer finds it difficult or impossible to urinate if other people are in the vicinity. It affects both women and men and can occur around strangers as well as close friends and family. The sufferer’s anxiety about being heard or taking too long interferes with, or completely prevents, the natural process of being able to wee.


Blushing, sweating or stuttering

These 'performance' anxiety responses stem from a person feeling on the spot, socially anxious, judged, self conscious etc, and manifesting themselves in an obviously physical way. Much like vaginismus, the more you fear these physical responses, the more anxiety you create, increasing the likelihood that they will occur. For many woman, their shyness and self-consciousness in the bedroom is a contributory factor of vaginismus.


The issues listed above are incredibly common, and they share many of the psychological components that cause vaginismus. The Vaginismus-Free Programme gets behind the scenes of the physical manifestation of the symptom to understand and change the forces that drive it, so you no longer feel that the condition is happening TO you.

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