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Chapter 12 - Successful penetration

Updated and improved version

We've been busy improving the 'Successful Penetration' chapter (12) so that you can benefit from the most useful and up-to-date information.

Even if you have already read the original version of this chaper, I recommend reading this new version because of the great new it can only help to reinforce your learning by reading it again 🙂

Additions include:

  • Quotes from my clients about their struggles and successes with insertions
  • Finger insertion exercise and why it is SO important to connect with your body in this way (despite any icky-ness at the thought!)
  • Your libido - why your sex drive might be low and how to increase your sexual desire
  • Information about the Vaginismus section on the TQ report
  • The 3 likely steps to having enjoyable sex (assuming it doesn't happen immediately)
  • Behaviours that indicate that you are tense and anxious about insertion
  • Additional advice and information on successful tampon use

If you have purchased the digital manual, this new version has already replaced the original. For those of you who own the physical copy, you can download a free pdf of the latest version below...

Hope it's helpful to you - enjoy it x

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