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The Enhanced Online Vaginismus Help Programme

Overcome vaginismus at your own pace, in your own home in just 6-8 weeks with this complete vaginismus help Programme


"This programme offers a completely different approach to everything else. Having sex for the first time with my husband was Amazing! Sex is now painless and enjoyable - something I never thought I would be able to say."


About the Vaginismus programme...

In just 6-8 weeks, this ground-breaking, step-by-step programme can help you to feel powerful and in control of how your body responds, making enjoyable sex truly achievable. This first-of-its-kind manual user-friendly and easy to follow and is packed full of essential knowledge which will enable you to permanently overcome your Vaginismus.

An easy-to-follow guide to successful, pleasurable sex

Ground-breaking insights into the condition

A step-by-step & easy to follow programme

Feel comfortable and in control of how your body responds

Focuses upon the psychological AND physical components

Written by experts with over 50 years experience of helping vaginismus

Instantly accessible - you can start today!

Cara's video explains how the Online Vaginismus Programme works...

The Vaginismus help programme includes:

A digital copy of the Cure your Vaginismus & Thrive manual

23+ support videos to guide you through every step of the way

For those who already own the manual, you can upgrade to our online programme

Comprehensive quizzes to give you essential self insight and measure your progress

12 helpful quizzes so you can check your progress

Comprehensive Q&A section

Free lifetime updates

Who this programme is suitable for

It is suitable for any woman who is struggling with vaginismus, regardless of how long you have had it for or how severe your symptoms are. This book is for you if you have had to endure the frustration of hitting the 'wall' in penetration attempts, or if you experience anxiety and fear of penetration which results in either avoidance of it, or pain when it is attempted.

A unique and fresh approach to vaginismus help

This programme is unlike any other intervention available for vaginismus. You will learn essential insights and knowledge about yourself, your body, and the condition that you will not find anywhere else.

Vaginismus is often a multi-faceted condition and this programme addresses ALL the elements of the condition including psychological, emotional, physical and relationship factors. It will enlighten you about the true causes and components of vaginismus, whilst providing you with all the necessary skills and resources to resolve it once and for all.

Great, proven success rates

Our most current data shows that at the start of the programme (when conducted by sessions with Cara), 80% of women believed that they would always have vaginismus. At the end of the programme not one woman believed that (sample of 31). For more encouraging stats, read this page on common beliefs of  women with vaginismus

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Cara Ostryn BSc (psych)

About Cara, Co-creator of Vaginismus Help Programme

Cara has helped hundreds of women over the last 24 years to overcome Vaginismus. She has an indepth understanding of the condition and can teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to completely and permanently overcome it

The wonderful ways the programme can help change your life...

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Overcome Vaginismus

Resolve what is REALLY causing your vaginismus

Take back control over your mindset and how your body responds to penetration

Overcome feelings of helplessness and hopelessness about vaginismus

Step by step help so you feel much more motivated and confident with penetration exercises

vaginismus book

Vaginismus and your partner

How relationship dynamics may be maintaining vaginismus - and how to rectify it

Make a successful transition from using dilators to enjoying sex with your partner

Feel much more confident around others – including your partner or potential partners

Guidance and insights for your partner - how he can best support you

vaginismus book

Learn to Thrive & love your life!

Be happier, feel confident and develop a healthy sense of control over your life

Free yourself of them other anxieties, fears and insecurities

Why vaginismus sufferers tend to be overthinkers, worriers and perfectionists - and how to change that

Become the best, happiest version of you!

Learn all about YOU!

Our personalised Vaginismus online quizzes will give you essential self insight.

To accompany the programme, you have FREE access to our unique online quizzes to make your journey even easier and personalised to you.

Our bespoke and confidential online quizzes will give you essential self insight into all of the psychological components that make up who you are and the beliefs/mindset that maintain your vaginismus.

Complete our online quizzes at the start and end of the programme and can VISIBLY SEE your progress and successes as your scores significantly improve, reflecting the remarkable changes in you!

vaginismus help