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The Vaginismus-Free Programme is hugely successful and life-changing.  Here's the evidence to back that up!

Because of the evidence-based nature of our programme, the positive changes that women experience are measurable. Every participant of the Programme takes our indepth, purpose-built quizzes that identify EXACTLY what combination of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviours are causing their vaginismus. The quiz is taken twice:

  • At the start of the programme
  • The latter stages of the programme - usually 6-7 weeks later*

This means that before and after comparisons of scores are possible, so all changes in beliefs and responses are measurable. The data below shows the before and after scores from Cara's most recent 25 clients (as of November 2023) who completed the 1-2-1 programme with her.

*The 'end' scores are taken before completion of the programme, so we expect that further improvements will continue to take place

Penetration Capability Scores

Scores indicate the percentage of clients who believed that they could currently comfortably do the following:

Penetration Beliefs
I can comfortably insert a cotton bud into my vagina 40% 96%
I can comfortably insert a finger into my vagina 32% 96%
I can/could comfortably use a tampon 20% 96%
I can/could comfortably have penetrative sex 0% 88%
I can/could comfortably have a gynaecological exam/smear 4% 76%

Sense of power and control over your body

Responses indicate the percentage of clients who held the following beliefs about penetration and vaginismus

I believe that my vagina is physically abnormal 52% 4%
I am less 'womanly' because of the vaginismus 72% 4%
If I have sex I will tear or bleed 68% 0%
I sometimes experience physical symptoms (such as palpitations) at the thought of sex 72% 8%
I feel disgust/squeamish at the thought of my vagina/sexual activity 56% 0%
I fear that I will always have vaginismus 92% 4%
Vaginismus has a big, negative impact on my life 92% 8%
I feel quite alienated from my body and how it responds 96% 0%
I have little or no control over my body’s response to penetration 100% 0%
I worry a lot about vaginismus 96% 16%

...And how they fare more generally in life

The data below shows the scores of how clients fared in more broader areas of their mental health and wellness

Penetration Beliefs
Sense of power and control over life 41% 78%
Coping Skills 38% 76%
Self Esteem 38% 80%
Social Confidence (regarding Vaginismus) 23% 81%
Perfectionist thinking style 74% 39%
Brooding/obsessing thinking style 72% 36%
Catastrophising thinking style 66% 30%
'Thrive Quotient' - how much they are thriving 40% 78%