Even female doctors suffer with vaginismus


Thrive helps doctors too! A recent GP client of mine consulted for vaginismus. She thought it was a physical problem until The Thrive Programme helped her to recognise that it was caused by psychological and emotional factors. She is now able to enjoy sex for the first time. Below is her story... I had contacted [...]

Challenging unhelpful vaginismus myths!


There exists A LOT of misinformation regarding vaginismus. I’ll be making a series of videos and blogs dispelling some myths about vaginismus, which will give you informed insight into the condition and how to properly resolve it. Below is my video dispelling a couple of these myths...   Myth #1 Vaginismus is a physical issue [...]

What Causes Vaginismus?


  If vaginismus is caused by our thinking and not our body, what are the unhelpful beliefs and behaviours involved? The Misuse of the imagination When you imagine having sex or any form of penetration, you will probably ‘catastrophise’ and imagine it hurting and being unsuccessful. Perhaps you imagine your vagina being too small or [...]

Diary of how I overcame vaginismus with The Thrive Programme


To help you understand how the Thrive Programme can help you overcome your vaginismus, I asked my client Riya, 26, to keep a diary of her journey throughout the process. She has kindly written about the content of the sessions, as well as her thoughts and feelings. Some of the ideas and concepts that she [...]

Do Vaginal Dilators Work?


A question I'm often asked by vaginismus sufferers is 'do vaginal dilators work?' The short answer, is yes! I believe they can be beneficial, although perhaps not for the reasons that many people believe... How people often THINK dilators work.. Many people, including GPs and dilator manufacturers themselves, believe that the benefit gained from the [...]

Help for Vaginismus | Read Lisa’s answers on how she overcame it


If you suffer from vaginismus, you will know how upsetting and frustrating the symptom is. This is particularly the case if it has affected your life for a number of years - It can seem like something that will never go away. However, there IS effective help for vaginismus. Recently, my client “Lisa” successfully went [...]